When it Comes to Exercise-What’s Behind You Doesn’t Matter!

Live Life Like an Italian Sports Car-What's Behind You Doesn't Matter!
Exercise Like an Italian Sports Car-What’s Behind You Doesn’t Matter! Start Now!

You should exercise with as much vigor as you are comfortable with, at least a little bit every day. Don’t worry if you’ve been a couch potato prior to today-what’s behind you doesn’t matter!

Some people are afraid that exercise will be too strenuous or that physical activity will harm them, especially people who have illnesses or have never been very fit. Yet, studies show that exercise is safe for people of all age groups and that older adults hurt their health far more by not exercising than by exercising.

An inactive lifestyle can cause older people to lose ground in four areas that are important for staying healthy and independent: strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. But research suggests that exercise and physical activity can help older people maintain or partly restore these four areas.

What Are We Doing Here?

This website is a quality, not quantity of life guide. While living longer may be a result of following some guidelines given here, that is not the goal. Rather, the goal of this website and project is to allow you to live BETTER.

The types of information we plan to include:

  • Well established medical facts.
  • Recommended public health practices.
  • Information from several research studies or one major, well designed study on a topic.
  • Fun, and interesting ideas from the medical literature that may benefit your health.
  • Common sense suggestions that I have learned in the course of my own medical practice or that patients, their family members, and other health care providers have taught me and that I wish to share with you.

This website is also meant to fill gaps in what you have learned from your doctor, be entertaining, and/or provide food for thought.